The National Council for Science and Faith is a community OF Scholars,

scientists, and Faith Leaders dedicated to healing the Divide between

 The science and faith communities by building bridges of dialogue. 




Discussion, collaboration, and creative co-design are tools for building healthy communities.

Our workshops are led by community engagement experts. We believe that congregants, students, and faith leaders must design their own solutions.

We facilitate common ground through engaged, dialogue oriented, hands-on reconciliatory mini-conferences. We can bring our experts to you. 




Much common ground exists to unite on, and a group can drive change quickly, but likewise division is a forceful multiplier of fear and anger.

We believe that science and faith are not opposed to one another, rather dialogue between them supports a healthy faith life. 

We are advocates for a constructive, non-adversarial, dialogue between science and faith.



A resilient place is a community connected by values and healthy dialogue, nurturing seeds that grow into an ethic of reconciliation.

With place serving as an importing piece of dialogue, we are headquartered in Indianapolis, Indiana, and have local scholars around the U. S. 

If you need resources in your area, contact us, and we will reach out to our community of experts for you.